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Promotion of employment oriented vocational training

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Vocational education is the skill-based training provided to students through diverse courses available. In today’s fast paced life and competitive world, it is really hard to find a suitable job, which is why Inspire Action is launching the pilot phase of the “Project for the Promotion of Employment Oriented Vocational Training” in several fields such as fashion design, wig construction, barbing and detergent fabrication.

Employment for the underprivileged members of our society

Basically, our organization is reaching out to the underprivileged members of our society such as orphans, persons living with disabilities, youths who cannot afford regular training schools, victims of human and sex trafficking, victims of gender based violence, etc. This project could be an opportunity to equip the above mentioned beneficiaries with the necessary skills and tools to foster economic security upon successful completion of the training either through employment opportunities on the free market or self-employment, thereby providing a certain level of economic stability to support their livelihoods. Trainees shall receive theoretical classroom lessons as well as undergo hands-on practicals which shall ensure their job-readiness in their respective fields of training.

Practical trainings: Fashion design, wig fabrication, etc.

In prelude to the launch of this project come mid-January, most of our classrooms are already ready to accommodate trainees. Our trainings will be done in two shifts of four hours each per dayeight students per shift for fashion design, and ten per shift for wig fabrication, barbing and fashion design. Each training session for fashion design shall last for three months, while wig construction, barbing and detergent fabrication shall last for one month each respectively.  A detailed course outline has already been made available by our trainers, who are eager to impart their knowledge and skills to their students.

Trainees will be provided with working material in each training course (excluding hair bundles for practicals in the case of wig construction).

At the end of the fashion design training course, trainees should be able to design and sew moderately complicated designs, while trainees for wig construction should be able to construct any kind of wig cap and properly style a wig like a professional!

Ten students per shift (Twenty students per session) will be trained separately on barbering and detergent fabrication. A session will last for not more than a month. By the end of both courses, students should be able to excel in their respective fields of training being equipped with the required skills to barb any kind of hairstyle, and fabricate household detergents respectively.

Over five hundred trainees for the pilot phase only

The project shall start with a twelve month pilot phase where we aim to train over five hundred peoplethen negotiate internships for hands-on experience for the trainees who successfully pass the courses. Some trainees will be retained in order to promote the fabrication and selling of their products, so that they can generate sufficient capital to start up a business. In order for this to be accomplished, the trainees will be expected to pay a maximum subsidized training fee of not more than ghc500 to support the organization as Inspire Action has no outside funding from donors at this time. A quota of twenty five percent of each traineeintake shall be allocated to people with no proven source of income like orphans who shall be trained free of charge.

Growth mindset, build empathy and leadership skills… also included

Our courses are not limited to the technical expertise but shall also comprise entrepreneurial, basic finance, advertising and marketing modules, which we believe will not only foster resilience, but encourage a growth mindset, reduce fear of failure, build empathy and leadership skills, and provide opportunities for self growth and development in the successful trainees. Nurturing the potential of every trainee, especially the youths by developing life skills, critical thinking will create a sense of self-esteem and the capacity to engage meaningfully in the community. photo credit:  Chelsea B. Inspire Action.

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