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Call for tenders

Within the context of the initiatives we carry out in our many global areas of operation, Inspire Action regularly posts requests for bids for a range of products, vendors, labour, and/or services.

Specific terms and conditions are applicable to each call for tenders, and prospective bidders must sign an Ethical Declaration.

With regard to our partners, donors, beneficiaries, and the laws and governing bodies of the nations in which we operate, this section is especially meant to support vendors seeking business prospects with Inspire Action. It shows details on our projects, our procurement policies, our most recent contract awards, and our procurement notices.

We will maintain our objectivity and neutrality when inviting tenders. When making decisions that are in our beneficiaries’ best interests and according to donor directives, we shall act independently.

The links below will take you to specific resources where you can find out more about purchasing Inspire Action. Please email procurement@i-action.org with any additional questions you may have about this part.

For information about reporting unethical business practices seen during the tendering process, please contact transparency@i-action.org via email.