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Inspire Action sets out to provide over 500 Ghanaians with Vocational training

Inspire Action, a non-governmental organization has set out to train over 500 persons in various vocational training. 

The trainees, mostly vulnerable persons in society, will be trained in detergent making, barbering, and wig making in various sessions over 12 months. 

Also, the trainees after successfully completing their training will undertake an Entrepreneurship class to equip them with the requisite knowledge to leverage their newly acquired skills to earn a living. 

Dubbed “Promotion of Vocational Oriented Training (PVOT)”, the first session which was organized from February 5 to February 10 saw about 7 individuals in attendance.

This is a clear indication of local interest and could potentially have a positive ripple effect within the community. As the initiative progresses, it is likely to attract more participants and garner increased community support.

However, the PVOT program increased the prospect of the trainees becoming more employable as they were armed with new vocational skills. The program in turn boosted their self-esteem and their newly acquired capabilities were not only relevant but also in demand, increasing their chances of securing stable and fulfilling employment opportunities.

The Head of Mission for Inspire Action Mr Justice Zeukew stated that one of the purposes of the PVOT training was to provide learners with essential skills to enhance and support their personal development. 

Also, he mentioned that the training is a step in the right direction to help address the issue of unemployment by providing all trainees with self-employment opportunities.

He added that the mission of the PVOT project was in line with Sustainable Development Goals 4,8 and 9. However, to achieve the SDGs through vocational training, it is important to ensure that vocational training programs are accessible, affordable, and high-quality.

To achieve the SDGs, he stressed the importance of providing persons with technical and vocational education to achieve sustainable economic growth.

The trainer for the first session of the detergent-making class, Mrs Christiana Ansah said the trainees were taught how to make detergents, fabric softeners, and floor cleaners.

She commended Inspire Action for undertaking such a project to address the widening unemployment gap in the country as it will provide the trainees with the skills to be able to cater for themselves. 

“Even if you do it and you don’t sell, you can do it and use it for yourself. Also, you make an income from selling it and be your boss,” she explained. 

She urged all the trainees to reinvest in their newly acquired skills rather than idling at home because success does not occur in a vacuum so they should be willing to make an effort. 

For Yvonne, a participant in the first session of the detergent-making class, the experience was nothing short of life-changing.

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to make detergents, fabric softeners, and bleach but I never got the opportunity to learn because trainers were charging outrageous prices just to teach you, and for me because of my vulnerable state, I’m unable to afford the fees,” she said with excitement. 

She commended Inspire Action for the opportunity provided while urging all persons to leverage the PVOT program to increase their skills.

By Jessel Lartey Therson-Cofie

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