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PSEA Campaign a success at OLAS ‘2’

On May 10, 2024, Inspire Action continued its Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse campaign at Our Lady of Assumption (OLAS) Basic School ‘2’ in Achimota.

Over 80 students participated in educational sessions which marked a significant milestone in the campaign.

Aligned with our vision, the campaign aimed to raise awareness among students regarding sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment. The event, which unfolded seamlessly without major disruptions, saw active engagement between the students and the facilitators. The students’ eagerness to learn and their insightful questions underscored the importance of addressing such sensitive topics.

Throughout the presentation, the interactive nature of the discourse fostered an environment conducive to learning. Students not only absorbed the information presented but also actively participated in discussions, showcasing their genuine interest in understanding and tackling these issues. Such enthusiasm reflects the significance of empowering young individuals with knowledge to protect themselves and their peers.

Moreover, the success of the campaign extends beyond Our Lady of Assumption (OLAS) Basic School ‘2’. As part of the pilot phase of the PSEA campaign, workshops were conducted in two other schools, namely OLAS Basic School ‘1’ in Achimota and St Joseph R/C Basic School in Pokuase. With over 300 students participating and exhibiting similar levels of engagement, these workshops served as additional milestones in spreading awareness and fostering a culture of vigilance against sexual exploitation and abuse.

Looking ahead, Inspire Action has outlined plans to expand the campaign to a total of 86 other schools. By empowering students with knowledge for prevention, the campaign aims to instil a sense of responsibility and vigilance within the educational community.

By Jessel Lartey Therson-Cofie

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