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Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse through Community Engagement

Inspire Action, is dedicated to creating positive change, embarking on a transformative journey to build the capacity of its partners and community members in the prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH), and Gender-based Violence. Aligned with the organization’s core values, PSEAH is a major priority, as outlined in the organizational policies. This blog post delves into the comprehensive approach adopted by Inspire Action, which revolves around community involvement and awareness.

Workshops, Campaigns, and Educational Initiatives:

One of the cornerstones of Inspire Action’s strategy involves organizing workshops in schools, places of worship, and other community spaces. These workshops will serve as an interactive platform to educate individuals on the nuances of PSEAH and Gender-based Violence. These workshops also aim at raising awareness and encourage the community to speak out on any suspected incidents of sexual exploitation, abuse, harassment through the confidential and anonymous reporting mechanism setup by Inspire Action or the competent authorities to allow victims to receive the necessary psycho-social and health support.

By fostering open discussions and providing information, Inspire Action aims to raise awareness and promote a culture of zero tolerance towards exploitation and abuse.

In addition to workshops, Inspire Action will launch a radio and social media campaign to reach a wider audience. Leveraging the power of media, these campaigns will disseminate information, share survivor stories, and encourage community members to actively participate in the prevention efforts and promoting denouncing any suspicious activity in a bid to prevent future occurrences and provide alleged victims or survivors with the necessary support. The organization recognizes the importance of utilizing diverse channels to ensure their message resonates with various demographics.

Staff Training and Capacity Building:

Recognizing that organizational change starts from within, Inspire Action is ensuring that its staff members are well-equipped to champion the cause. Mandatory courses on PSEA and Sexual Harassment are undertaken by all staff members, and associated personnel providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Additionally, staff will participate in capacity-building activities facilitated by Inspire Action’s PSEA and Gender Expert, enhancing their knowledge and skills in addressing these critical themes.

Engaging Community Leaders

Inspire Action acknowledges the influential role community leaders, religious figures, and other prominent individuals play in shaping societal norms. As part of their initiative, the organization plans to actively involve these figures in their mission. By garnering their support and endorsement, Inspire Action aims to amplify its impact, fostering a united front against sexual exploitation and abuse.

Anonymous reporting mechanisms

The PSEA campaign by Inspire Action will adopt an anonymous reporting mechanism such as hotlines, online platforms, and suggestion boxes, to provide individuals with a safe and confidential way to report incidents or raise concerns without fear of retaliation or stigmatization.

Additionally, Inspire Action will train and equip designated staff members with the appropriate tools so they can handle sensitive information with care and provide psychosocial support, counseling, and referral to appropriate medical facilities to victims or any person who may require their assistance.

Transitional Homes and Social Support 

The PSEAH project will provide transitional homes for victims of SEAH and GBV. The homes will serve as a safe haven for them whereas they will be provided with basic needs such as food, clothing, and personal care items.

Case managers will be assigned to victims to assist them in developing personalized plans for transitioning into independent living. Inter alia, the Inspire Actions community reintegration process will emphasize community engagement and opportunities for victims and reintegrate them into society.

Victims of GBV and SEAH will be provided with psycho-social support which will include individual counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, and support groups facilitated by professionals to help victims overcome trauma and build resilience. There will be medical practitioners on standby at all times to provide comprehensive medical examinations, mental health evaluations, and referrals for specialized care.

Regular Review and Adaptation

Understanding the dynamic nature of the issues being addressed, Inspire Action is committed to the regular review and adaptation of its policies and procedures. This ensures that the organization remains responsive to emerging challenges and can effectively address the evolving landscape of PSEAH and Gender-based Violence.

By Jessel Lartey Therson-Cofie

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